Using RBAC Authorization

  • kube-apiserver --authorization-mode=Example,RBAC--other-options --more-options
  1. Role
  2. ClusterRole
  3. RoleBinding
  4. ClusterRoleBinding
  • A ClusterRole/Role defines a set of permissions and where is available, in the whole cluster or just in the namespace.
  • Role always sets permissions within a specific namespace.
  • When we create a Role we have to mention the namespace where it belongs.
  • ClusterRole is a non-namespaced resource.
  • To define a role with in namespace, use Role; To define role cluster-wide, use ClusterRole
Cluster Role
  • A ClusterRoleBinding/RoleBinding connects a set of permissions with an account and defines where it applied, in the whole cluster or just a single namespace.
  • Role binding holds a list of subjects (users, groups, and service accounts) and a reference to the role being granted
  • RoleBinding grants permissions within the namespace whereas ClusterRoleBinding grants access cluster-wide.
  • A RoleBinding may reference any role in the same namespace. Alternatively, a RoleBinding can reference ClusterRole and bind that ClusterRole to the namespace of the RoleBinding.
  • Role + RoleBinding (available in single Namespace, applied in single Namespace)
  • ClusterRole + ClusterRoleBinding (available cluster-wide, applied cluster-wide)
  • ClusterRole + RoleBinding (available cluster-wide, applied in single Namespace)
  • Role + ClusterRoleBinding (NOT POSSIBLE: available in single Namespace, applied cluster-wide)




Lead Software Engineer (Automation)

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Prathap Reddy

Prathap Reddy

Lead Software Engineer (Automation)

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